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Change your life by changing your brain! www.positivechange.no

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Positive Change arranges courses/education, seminars, workshops, lectures, speeches and consultant assignments.

All of the knowledge that Positive Change imparts is based and anchored in new and current scientifical research,- either from own or prominent scientists’ research within their respective disciplines.

Positive Change retrieves and anchors its knowledge from the newest and most actual research within positive psychology, cognition- and motivational research, leadership, neuroscience, pedagogy and more.

One of Positive Change’s strengths is the ability to transform scientifical research to an easily understandable everyday-language, combined with the design of and dissemination of  easy and concrete techniques to implement changes. Whether it is in the individual, in coaching, in the team or in the organization.

If your company want to have tailored lectures, courses, seminars, assistance in a change- or development process, leader- or employee development or leader coaching in your company within Positive Change’s subjects, contact us at post@positivechange.no You describe your needs, we thereafter make a tailored program for your company.

Positive Change’s  vision and foundation is to contribute to real positive change, either in peoples or companies’ lives!

The owner and founder of Positive Change Norway and Positive Change International is Dr. Merethe Dronnen, Ph.D., who holds a doctorate in Leadership and Positive Psychology from the School of Business and Leadership, Regent University, U.S.A. Additionally, she graduated Candidatus Paedagogicae; a 6-and-a-half year full-time program in Education, Psychology and Management from the University of Oslo. She has also studied Enterprise Development at BI – Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway.
Merethe currently works as Associate Professor of Pedagogy at Volda University College, where she among other subjects lectures in Master’s courses in leadership, motivation and learning. She previously worked eight years as a personnel manager, and six years as a school pedagogical- psychological advisor.
Merethe has been both a speaker and organizer of conferences for years, and has also held seminars on leadership, motivation and development. Her passion and drive is to contribute to helping people and organizations recognize and utilize their potential and strengths, as a basis to create positive change in their personal and corporate lives!
Through her studies and work, Merethe has extensive experience of working with people, change- and development processes at both the individual-, team-, and organizational level.
Merethe is also an author of the book PowerUP! which is about how to  remove limiting thought patterns and start thinking thoughtful thoughts about oneself and one’s possibilities.

Associated partners


Dr. Paula Robinson

Ph.D. Positive Psychology. Owner and Manager of The Positive Psychology Institute in Australia


Nina Hanssen

Master. Entrepreneur, author, journalist, lecturer and Flow Specialist


Gudrun Snorradottir

Master in Positive Psychology. Executive ACC Coach, HR consultant, lecturer, workshop facilitator


Dr. Sayeed Mohsen Fatemi 

Ph.D. in Psychology – Post-doctor in positive psychology at the recognized Harvard University, USA. Known keynote speaker at numerous international conferences.


Dr. Frans Ørsted Andersen

Psychologist, Ph.D., researcher, associate professor and lecturer at the master study in positive psychology at Aarhus University, Demark. Author, speaker


Louisa Jewell - WEB- (3)

Louisa Jewell 

MAPP, author, speaker, leader of Canadian Positive Psychology Association


Positive Change wish to contribute financially to giving lesser privileged persons in the world the opportunity to a better life, and will give about 10% of the companys financial profit to this purpose.

When joining in a Positive Psychology and Change Management course with us at positivechange.no, you are also at the same time helping less privileged to a better life.